Funkadelic Folk Fun
I was a street musician, then later a fine artist. My father was a computer engineer in the hay days of IBM. He taught me DOS all the way up to Windows and later in college I learned the MacIntosh. When I did something called storyboarding, he felt that was my strength. That would later lead to musical composition and video editing. But I loved telecommunications, what would later become social media. I think of him often when I compose and how he loved my acoustic guitar and deep voice saying I was really Country Western. Having had a successful art career, I attained 3 college degrees, studied art in Italy, have been featured in several galleries and museums all over Southern California as well as writing, illustrating and publishing eleven illustrated books. Always, my struggle with mental health, my sobriety and fascination with philosophy and world religions have been my primary inspirations. I try to fuse all kinds of music together often with the backbone of my rhythm guitar and spoken word folk style. I like Miles Davis, John Lennon, Tupac Shakur, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Carlos Santana, The Ramones and lots of other influences. In the sixties there were commune jams and free concerts in the park. In the seventies and eighties there was the punk garage band. The nineties birthed Hip Hop and now in the new millennium, we have the home studio with the house music DJ. I am currently working from home writing and illustrating books, making art and recording music. Always I am active on the internet and social media. Be sure to sign the guest book, comment and leave email and I will keep you updated on all future activity. Keep Coming Back and Lots More to Come!!!

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